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Status quo doesn’t work for everyone

The current system makes it hard for most to travel.

Travel brings us together in more ways than we can count; it exposes us to different types of people, music, food, nature, and more. Getting to know the world outside of our own expands our horizons and makes us a better version of ourselves. The opportunity to try new things should be part of our routine, not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So why shouldn't we all get the chance to transform ourselves through travel?

Travel is the second most expensive household budget item, which often means it is the first to get cut. Financial tools like credit cards are supposed to help with these budget dilemmas, but instead credit card companies trap consumers in a forever minimum payment cycle for long-term profits. Some people are even excluded completely due to their credit score or lack of credit history, neither of which are accurate representations of a person or their purchasing power. As of 2020, US credit debt had reached $687 billion with no end in sight.

Here’s how we’re changing things

“As a college student, my trip home to Ghana to see my family cost upwards of $2000. Even while in school full time with a good job that paid me weekly, my expenses meant that I never had the buying power for my flight when I needed it. Saving to purchase only meant watching the price of the flight continue to go up, while the available credit on my credit card was still not enough for the ticket.”

- Ama Marfo, Co-Founder of Airfordable

The dilemmas presented by credit cards and budgeting are familiar to many people, and it was out of these struggles that Airfordable was born. With the belief that travel should be accessible and fun for everyone, Ama and Emmanuel co-founded Airfordable to help you get past the same obstacles that Ama faced.

With the world more integrated than ever before, we question why travel accessibility should remain the same? Airfordable aims to redefine travel from the ground up with accessibility in mind. We leverage technology to make booking travel easier, faster, and more open; we leverage our passionate team to make your experience friendly and enjoyable.

With no need for the full ticket cost up front or a credit check, you can book your flight when the cost is low and not worry about constantly checking your accounts against the flight prices. If you encounter any issues, we have a friendly team on board to provide you one-on-one support. Our team offers you the flexibility and compassion you need when sometimes life doesn’t.

Airfordable believes that by allowing you to book flights when it's convenient and pay for it in a way that works for you, we can help you fulfill your travel dreams.

Making travel accessible through technology, passion, and a human touch

Who we are and what we strive to be

  • Hyper focused on helping people travel

    All of our dedication and focus goes toward one thing: helping people travel by offering the best experience and solutions possible.

  • Break down problems, build up solutions

    When we encounter a problem, we break it down to its fundamentals. Then, we think outside the box to address the core problem and build up solutions.

  • Take the lead. Take responsibility

    We are self-motivated. If it's broken, we fix it. If we break it, we take responsibility.

  • Strong support system: Y Combinator and others

    We are grateful for well-established advisors and investors like Y Combinator and others. They support us so we can support you.


Emmanuel Buah

Product / Tech

Ama Marfo

Operations / Finance

Andrew Stiegmann

Engineering / DevOps

We're backed by

  • Michael Siebel

    Partner / CEO

    Y Combinator

  • Arlan Hamilton

    Founder / Managing Partner

    Backstage Capital

  • Matt Cutts

    Ex Google Head of Web Spam Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service

  • Paul Lee


    Builder VC

Among others

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